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We’ll Give Your Pet Lots

of Love and Attention!

Pet Care From Experienced and Compassionate Sitters

Vienna Leash offers a variety of pet care services. In order to simplify the menu, I've included the services that most pet owners need. If you don't see the service you need listed below, let us know. I'm sure we can accommodate you.

We will need to meet you and your pet(s) before starting service. Please call or email us to schedule your free consultation.


Dog Walking 

All walks include fresh water and treats if diet allows.


15-Minute Walk - $20 per Walk for Ongoing Walks

30-Minute Walk - $26 per Walk for Ongoing Walks


Additional dogs incur a $3 charge per dog, per walk.


Some new apartments and condos require dog walkers to pick up a guest FOB at the concierge desk, which must be returned after the walk (Mosaic District in Merrifield is such an example). Please add $2 per walk if our walkers must obtain a guest FOB, as this often adds 5-10 minutes to our time.

À La Carte Walks 

Need a doggy walk every once in a while? For walks not scheduled at least once per week, add $2 per walk to the 15-minute and 30-minute rates.

Pet Sitting

Why stress your pet by boarding him or her in an unfamiliar environment? Vienna Leash can come to your home throughout the day to maintain your pet's normal schedule and let the neighbors know you are home!


All visits include feeding, walks, cat litter box cleaning, turning lights on and off, bringing in the mail, watering of plants, and doing all chores that give your home the appearance of being occupied. Our sitters will provide detailed notes regarding all walks or house visits.


One visit is $26

Additional visits are $26 each

Please add $3 for each additional dog.

Cats: add $2 per cat.

Visits for up to 30 minutes.


Dogs tend to do best with four visits per day to maintain an optimal schedule. Some dogs do well with only three visits. Cats are fine with one or two visits.


These are our recommendations, but you, the pet owner, determine what is best for your pet.

Overnight Visits 

Does your dog or cat sleep better with someone in the house at night? Vienna Leash can spend the night! Overnight visits start with dinner and a walk at around 6 to 7 PM, then a bedtime walk around 9 PM or so. They also include breakfast and a morning walk.


12 Hours – Total Visit for $100

Add $10 for each additional pet. Holidays incur an additional $10 charge.

Key Pickup

Vienna Leash usually requires two keys for pets on a regular weekly schedule (Monday to Friday walks, or service other than occasional pet sitting). Pet owners who use our service only rarely may choose to have one of our walkers pick up a house key prior to their scheduled service time, and drop it off after they return from their trip. Key pickup and drop-offs incur a $20 fee per visit.


Please add $5 per walk/visit for holidays that federal employees have off, specifically:

  • New Year's Eve and New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4
  • Labor Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Client Testimonials

Vienna Leash wants all pet owners to know that we love you! Below is just a sample of the kudos we receive on a daily basis. I think the pets are telling their moms and dads what a great job we are doing!

"I really appreciate the service provided by Vienna Leash. I know my sweet dog enjoys seeing a friendly face each day while we I'm at work, and the whole family enjoys coming home to the notes on the day's walks!"
 – Rhoda W.

Response From Charlie, Owner of Vienna Leash:

Thanks Reilly, for puttin' in the good word. We'll visit your favorite bush on tomorrow's walk

"Charlie, Sarah and I are very glad to have you around to take care of our cats when we are out of town. You're extremely reliable, thorough, and do a great job!"
– Andy and Sarah M.

Response From Charlie, Owner of Vienna Leash:

Monica, Mimi and Jefferson - I appreciate your kind words to Sarah and Andy, but you have to stop destroying the place when they are gone - please!

"We love Charlie and Jenny! They are totally reliable, incredibly willing to help---if it weren't for them we probably never would have gotten Zelda housebroken---obviously love the dogs and have great senses of humor besides. We've used various sitter services for six years and Vienna Leash is the best. Highly, highly recommended."

Response From Charlie and Jenny:

We think Gracie, Jeffrey and Zelda are The Three Stooges! It's like One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest every time we're there! Always a good Show

"Vienna Leash has always been able to respond to my last-minute request to walk my puppy Scooter whenever my job interferes with our normal schedule."

“Jenny and Charlie can't resist me - I'm so adorable!”
  – Scooter

"Since adopting Sparky at the age of two and a half, almost 11 years ago, my black lab Sparky has been the best companion in the world (ok, I'm a little biased!) and loved by all who meet him. As anyone who's been through it can understand, watching him age, slow dow, and begin to experience serious health problems has been heart breaking. Having Charlie and his Vienna Leash family on my side has been a true blessing!

I'm comforted by the knowledge that while I'm at work, Sparky's being tended to by a reliable team of, not just dog walkers, but dog lovers! I have been particularly grateful for Bibi of late, whose veterinarian-trained care, thoughtful insights, and support have been a true blessing. I don't know how much time Sparky has left with me, but I know that Vienna Leash is helping to make his golden years the best and most comfortable they can be."

Response From Charlie, Bibi, and Jennifer:

Sparky went to dog heaven in mid-July of 2011. We love and miss you Sparky

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